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Experience with Color
How Easily Does
Your Gray Cover?
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Our Easy-to-Use 4-Step System
lets you Color with Confidence
in Just 7-10 Minutes
Did You Experience any Skin Irritation When Coloring?
Cleverman uses SkinArmor Technology to reduce irritation; however, skin reactions can still occur and are more common among those who experienced a prior reaction from a different product.

If your reaction was severe, we’d love to connect you with our colorist team to ensure Cleverman is a good fit prior to your purchase.
We're Customizing
Your Formula Accordingly
Our mess-free color is tough on grays but
gentle on hair, and works in just 7-10 minutes

With SkinArmor Technology
to reduce irritation
We're Personalizing Your Kit Accordingly
Our drip-free nourishing cream color
is specifically formulated for masculine
shades and works in just 7-10 minutes

With SkinArmor Technology
to reduce irritation
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What Face & Beard Scrub
Best Fits Your Skin's Needs?
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What Type Best Fits Your Beard?
There are 3 ethno-hair profiles; each reacts
differently to color – learning about you helps us
customize your best result.
What's Your Glove Size?
A superior fit means maximum control for less mess
and a precise application

Sorry, This Shade
is Unavailable

For a natural result, Cleverman color is formulated to oxidize on gray hair only.
Because of your natural color and level of gray, we're unable to lift your color to this shade.


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