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Beard Dye & Hair Color for Men FAQs

How do I apply the product?

This is where Cleverman makes it easy. Your kit will come with application instructions designed just for you! We took all of the information you provided in the diagnostic to develop these personalized instructions, which you can find in STEP 3 on the back of your brochure. You can also check out the How-To's section of the website to understand how to apply each technique.

What's a skin allergy test and do I really have to do it?

Hair and beard color products can, in some cases, cause someone to have an adverse or allergic reaction. The skin allergy test outlined in the Cleverman safety warning pamphlet will direct you to test a small amount of product on your skin and monitor for any reactions. In order to use our product safely, you must conduct the test 48 hours prior to when you plan to color. For more information about this skin allergy test you can check out the Safety Warnings section of the website.

Why can't I simply shop for exactly what I want?

Cleverman hair and beard color kits are developed so that everything inside it is customized to your needs and wants, from color to technique to tools to treatments. There are over 10,000 options so 'shopping' is not really an option. In order to generate a kit with the elements that are right for you, you must take our diagnostic, a detailed survey designed by our color experts. From there if you want to manually tweak any of the contents, you have the ability to 'edit' your kit and swap out for an alternative (i.e. glove size, conditioner etc.). If you would like to learn more about the types of kits we offer, check out the Hair and Beard product section of the website.

What's different about Cleverman?

Our top-to-bottom customization sets us apart. The biggest reason men are disappointed with their hair and beard color is the lack of natural-looking results. We individually tailor each element of the kit to you: your shade, technique, style, treatment, tools, gloves, and more. Using a professional quality formula enriched with three organic oils, our products are not tested on animals and are completely vegan.

Our innovative kit design, with a simple 4-step system, makes application easy and fast. Personalized instructions and home delivery add to the convenience. Experience the benefits of our enriched triple oil system for natural-looking results every time.

How do I pick the right shade?

To pick the right shade and product, take our quiz in the "Try Now" section.

Our diagnostic process begins by asking you to select the shade that best matches your natural color. We then showcase this color on a real model with a 360-degree simulation to ensure you are satisfied with the appearance.

We also adjust the formulation based on your level of gray, hair texture, condition, and other factors that impact the final result. After your first use, we email you a post-purchase diagnostic to make any necessary adjustments and perfect the fit.

With 10,000 combinations to choose from, we've got you covered.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please log in to "My Account" - select "My Subscriptions" then "Manage Subscription", and finally select "Cancel Subscription", providing the reason for cancellation. You’re able to cancel anytime up to the day of your order renewal. Don’t forget that you can also skip a shipment, change the delivery date, or change the frequency of delivery.


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